Being a professional photographer for many years I can honestly say, I’ve never felt the urge to get into macro photography, let alone dedicate my creative cash to invest in one and I still haven’t, especially at that price. I mean, the 60mm is a potential option but I’m a strong believer in getting the best available, so the 80mm it is. Thankfully, for this job my good friend over at Lenspimp came to the rescue. If you haven’t checked them out you should do so. If it wasn’t for them I would be able to try out the lens. Anyway back to the lens.


Well she’s a clunker, initial thoughts out the box is, my christ, its bust, I think an element inside the lens may have dropped out, strewth. I‘m pretty sure a lens isn’t supposed to sound like this. However, later on, I find out that this soon buggers off when the lens is attached to the camera and it’s switched on. Doing so engages the Image Stabiliser and suddenly everything is smooth. I may have even let out a little whistle when the motor engaged, you know the one you do when your impressed with your own photos.


This little bewty has a stabilisation system capable of a 5 stop range, which to me personally really makes this lens. Comes in handy when hung over on shoot day and you’re having difficulty keeping your hand steady. Especially when coupled with the 2.8 aperture. Best thing about this combo is the ability to shoot hand held at lower ISO.

When the lens is mounted to the camera it feels a little front heavy, I kinda feel it should have a lens mount similar to the 50-140. However, its not really an issue just something I noticed when holding my camera. One option would be to get a battery grip, as this would increase the weight of your camera body making the whole experience more balanced. Yeah maaaaann.

That aside, lets fire the puppy up and take some shots.

Fuji 80mm macro Review Part 2

I’m not trying to be funny or anything but how sharp are those. Come up luvly they have. Hang on a min will’ee, just gonna make a quick brew, gaspin ere, bledy lips are dry. One sec.

Right, where were we. To be honest the lens pretty much does what its supposed to do. Fuji have once again stepped up and continue to improve their gear. Although I hope this doesn’t happen too often as I don’t want to be splashing out every few years as the lens evolves.

I don’t mind the evolving software for their camera bodies mind you, feels like I get a new camera each time I get one of their improved firmware updates. So keep those coming Fuji.

Couple of other bits to mention regarding the lens, it’s fully weather sealed which is something Fuji seem to be doing to all their lenses currently. Out with the old in with the new. Means you can get the lens wetter than an otters pocket and its all good!


  • Lens is super sharp,
  • Great colour reproduction,
  • One to one macro,
  • Smooth fast auto focus
  • Image stabilisation

So another great lens from Fuji, the only downside for me would be the price. Its an expensive slice of cake especially if you’re not going to eat it that often.

Thank you for reading through this short review on the Fuji 80mm macro lens. You can check out more images from the shoot, using the button below. Hope you enjoyed it ;)

For all interested in what camera I used, I can reveal it was my favourite camera in the Fuji line up, the X-PRO 2.